How we fear to be ourselves to fit others expectations.

So we all go through stages of our life where we try to look like our celebrity icons, follow fashion advice websites, even friends comments. The truth is do we really need to be advised on what we do? what we wear? what we eat?

firstly, yes our actions speak louder than words. Timing is crucial, know when you can be your immature self with you friends. You also need to know when to be professional. Most people will know the type of person you are within (on average) first 30 seconds of seeing you. Never hide who you truly are, that could  potentially be the reason for catching anyone’s eye. It’s commonly known that people remember the face of a person before the name.

Secondly, There is discrimination thrown across the public everyday when many individuals express a concern for what they choose to wear daily. More importantly the fear of wearing something that people will judge them on. If your confident on what you’re wearing then go out there and stand out from the rest. You are your own unique person, you have as much right as the person next to you to wear the clothes you wear.

Finally, what should a person’s dislike for food change who they are? There is reasons that each individual refuses to eat that item, it may have been a bad experience with the certain food or just a choice. Just because they don’t like what you are eating, should it be meat or vegetables, you should always respect each individuals dislikes. If However you dislike something someone’s eating has spent time cooking and enjoying, is it right to make a fuss and leave the table?

You should never change who you are to fit other peoples image of who you should be. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, you’re the one living your life not them!



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