Transport Complication.

Public Transport causes so many emotions, theses emotions either get the better of us or they make us come across as rude. Either way what would we do without the forms of public transport? Yeah it’s getting really expensive to go on a bus ride or go on a train to a family relative. It’s crazy to think about 10 years ago it was only like £1 bus tickets for a whole journey now gone up by about 40%. It’s not totaled on the distance your covering. I hear you say why are we being charged the same way as we get charged for the taxi? The thing is the ones who drive us from place to place are demanding more money than what they are getting on their wages. But do you hear about Taxi drivers going on strike? NO!! The reason why is cause they know that it’s their job to drive you from one place to another. Like its bus and train drivers job but they still strike. How is it that to travel round London with a travel back in 2005 was only £8.00, it now dents into the pocket of the average person which has now increased to £18.50. So basically it has gone up by £1.05p per a year. Doesn’t sound that much looking at it that way. However with the way that the financial problems in the country still exist any money saved is a benefit.

Timetables of these public transports cause major frustration to the majority of the public. How is it so hard for them to stay to the timetable they are required to follow? Issues that are beyond their control is acceptable but how they demand so much money for the service you would feel confident in paying the added extra if costs to have the service you’re paying for.

Does putting your money to learn to drive and drive around more beneficial than relying on public transport? You can leave when you want, no leaving your house up to 20 mins early, no standing out in the pouring rain at a bus stop/ train station. Doesn’t that sound good?



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