Summer is just round the corner, but first it’s the General Election.

We all enjoyed the latest heatwave we have all experienced in the last few days. While we should all be getting ready for the general election in May. By the look of things so far with regards to the politics side of it there are many people who fear for UKIP getting a major hold on some of the seats in the House of Parlement. Is this really a thing to be worried? Well by looking into some of the manifestos of some of the parties in question, Labor, Conservative, Lib Dem, and Green Party & UKIP. Personally I feel that most of them talk a lot of rubbish never keeping to their word at the election and 5 years on we are still in the same issues we were in 5 years later and them not keeping to their promise. Looking back 5 years ago, are we in a better position now than we was then? Truth is I feel that there is still room for improvements. It seems like the country is in a slightly more stable position. With the complete mess we were in after we had labour in power where we lost complete control of our finances, were in a war we didn’t need to join.

David Cameron, yes people hate him for the increase in the tuition fees and the issues with employment. However has he improved out unemployment statistics? Has he improved or financial deficit? Has he improved our security as a nation? He has helped improve the NHS standards. As a Student at university myself I agree when it occurred with the high increase in tuition fees I felt bad. However it has its benefits as Labour said that anyone can go to university. The reason for the high price it costs to now to go university is to help with making the correct decision as there will be a huge amount of money and debt you will be in if the wrong choice is made. The other important thing David Cameron has improved is the employability of trade’s people. With the amount of apprenticeships in all jobs, how people who can’t get into University either to financial or academic problems can still make a career using the apprenticeships schemes we never had before conservative came into power.

UKIP is the fear of majority of the country, some of their manifesto has it’s plusses with the continued issue of immigration. The fear if UKIP come into power is that the NHS will be all privatised to every member of the UK. There is some benefits to this that is stops people coming over for the medical care then going back home but for the members of the public who have lived here the whole time can and will be greatly affected.

Don’t forget to vote!! If you don’t vote how can you complain about how the country is run? If you don’t have your say then there is going to be less chance of the change you want. Your vote could be the difference between who wins and losses.



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