Never Wish Your Life Away. You Have Less Time Than You think.


We all take for granted our days, our hours, our seconds in life. We so often say we wish that certain days, celebrations to happen. Truth is when you want the certain celebration to happen, everything else around you is going a light speed. if you are so wrapped up counting down days your missing the important things that could be happening around you.


If your younger than me, you will think, time doesn’t go that fast. When your younger you are outside from 10am to 5pm, where complete so many daily tasks that you think i still have loads of time. As you get older there is more things to do, you have more responsibility where then the days go faster.

The old saying when you reach 21 the days fly by, that’s no lie! I remember the day when i turned 18 i was thinking i cant wait till I’m 21 and I am now legal to do anything in any country. Well that felt like i clicked my finger and there i was hitting the big 21.

Respecting Our Time With Success:


Time is precious and you have to make the most of the time you have as no one knows when there time is up. Live your life to the full, don’t let anyone hold you back, tell you that you cant do anything. the only person that will stop you from achieving them heights is YOU. Take every opportunity whether it’s love, relationships or employment, take it with both hands never take anything on if your not fully committed to it.




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