Riots Taking over the News, more politics problems.

It was on friday 8th May 2015 we all found out the results as to whom would be in control of our government for the next 5 years. With the way the polling stations and marking of our votes is old fashioned has the potentiality of being easily counterfeited it, begs the question does our voting system need to change?

Personally I feel that being asked to put a “X” in one of the given boxes available proves this. It’s not the fact of simply putting a cross in the box but the conspiracy in to how we vote, as some members of the public feel that crossing the box with a pencil can easily be rubbed out. Hearing from some of the way people voted they all seem to believe this conspiracy, so they equip themselves with a ball-point pen so that the vote cannot be altered.

Moments after the Votes were released we all saw the depletion of Party Leaders. We lost Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband & Nick Clegg. This was the General Election that many felt would have wiped out all party leaders who lost which was the case. 43 days before the voting commenced Ed Milliband in the house of commons said directly to David Cameron that at the end of the general election that he (David Cameron) would be the one who would retired. David Cameron’s response was that it would be Ed Miliband himself who would be retiring. Well as we all saw in the early house of the morning that it was in fact Ed Miliband who Retired as Party Leader along with the other members of UKIP & Lib Dem.


Hearing in the space of 24 hours (Saturday 9th May) of the result being reported to the public, there was mass riots in Whitehall, Central London. Many of the protesters were in uproar with the way the voting system calculated the seats. looking at the votes, yes members of the public didn’t want UKIP in power, but how can a party  that holds 30% of the votes can only come out with one seat in Parliament. Personally I feel that this situation of protesting would have happened if UKIP came into power. With the main concern of the general public is the cuts in the National Health Service and the cuts in the Policing Services as well. With the protests causing Whitehall, Central London to go to a complete stand still shows the anger and frustration from the public.


Is our country going to end up in a civil war if Cameron has gone completely against what he promise in his manifesto? Will the country in his full control cause members of the public to flee from the country, or are we all just overreacting. The truth is if all hell breaks loose it’s only 5 years where we can really see how the country will be run as a one party government.


Is he the right man or not? You Decide?

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