Never leave it too late… It might be gone before you know it!

There is so many times that everyone wishes they had made the choices much sooner than they did. Choices such as life commitments, relationships or career paths. Maybe we make our choices too fast without having any clarity on exactly what choices we have made. Then before we know it the moment is gone.


There comes a time where there might someone who makes you feel complete and you feel the way no one else does. If everything they do brings a smile on your face or just hearing people mention them. Then why are you holding back any chance you could have with them. In life you have to make hard decisions or even take on risks that could ruin what you and your crush already have. If you leave your feelings inside a closed book and not opening up to your crush, telling them exactly how you feel you could miss that possible moment. There is a time and a place to make the move but never leave it too late….


Life is too short, the days are going faster than we can keep up. No one knows when it’s the correct time or place to make time for anyone. Everyone is busy with their daily lives but it’s only when a serious moment your life then puts everything on hold.

One major moment in my life which I have recently encountered within my studies at university, was being informed that my granddad suffered a stroke. He is making good progress in his recovery, but it’s scary to think that he was nearly taken from me. I worry for the day when I’m no longer able to see him, so when I go home in the summer I will be spending time with him.


All I say to you is don’t ever have such a busy schedule, that you can’t even stop to appreciate what people do for you daily. If you’re so busy worrying about what is going on in your life that you never realise they have gone.

Never leave it too late… You never know when the important people in your life will be gone! ljggoodwin.


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