The Old Lady prevails, couldn’t say the same about the £166million flop.

Firstly congratulations to Juventus reaching the 2015 Champions League final!

Secondly, Two world class players flopped on the big stage on Wednesday evening. “Ballon d’or winner” Cristiano Ronaldo and “World most expensive player” Gareth Bale costing Real Madrid in the excess of £166 million pounds. Where the cost of the whole Juventus team fielded only cost them in the excess of only £94 Million.


Looking at the way they played was an outstanding masterclass performances. Especially from the one and only Andres Pirlo the Italian pass master and the excitement and energy in Paul “The Pog” Pogba. It was amazing to see that the formation of the “team” works so well.


The millions it cost Real Madrid to buy both Ronaldo and Bale proved to be insufficient against a well organised Italian team. Where it was recorded Ronaldo last a shot at goal was in the 41st minute. This isn’t acceptable from a player who was voted as the best player in the world at the Ballon D’or.

The egos of the players and the pressure President Florentino Pérez Rodríguez is putting on the club, is causing the problems that Real Madrid. They do not play as a team and I don’t think until they get the right players, who play for the team and not for themselves then the success isn’t going to improve.

Words Most Expensive Gareth Bale:

Gareth Bale, well he has had a horrid time this year, unlike last year where he couldn’t do anything wrong. Is the step up from leaving Tottenham hotspur proven to be true? It was originally questioned if he could play the big of a role as he was at Tottenham?

It is fair to say that he hasn’t quite suited to the life in Madrid, however he gave his all in the 2nd leg of the tie. Even then it wasn’t enough to please the Real Madrid Fans. it’s nice to see that he isn’t hiding from the center stage. The step from Spurs to Real Madrid has now demanded Bale to show how good he really is.



The crazy thing I find is how you can be hated so much by your fans, but when he leaves the stadium they are waiting outside to get your autograph! Now surely if they dislike Bale as much as the newspapers are reporting then are things just being blown out of proportion by the media?

Champions League Final.

Will the Old Lady be as successful against the mighty Trio of Barcelona?




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