Social friendships non-existent, with cyber friends becoming the new trend!


The amount of people who depend on their mobile phone is staggering. I remember the days when we used to only build friendships by doing outside activities or joining social clubs. Is technology and use of social networking on computer devices making us technology dependent?

Most of the population of teenagers are staying inside and speaking to their friends over game consoles and computer games. Where has the days gone, where teenagers went round their mates house to play the same game?

Video_game_95737398_210390c    stock-footage-friends-playing-video-games-while-laughing-in-the-living-room

Even when we see our friends outside of the four walls we enclose ourselves in, we still sit in the same room all looking at our phones, tablets and laptops. (You really need to imagine life without them!) Communication skills are reduced and no conversations are made. So what is the point in meeting up if all you’re going to do is look at a screen?


Social networking sites are used by millions of people daily. With many people who are actively checking what their friends are doing by looking at their Facebook News Feed, Twitter Feed, and Instagram Feed. With all this technology causes so much conflict in friendships, where someone doesn’t fully listens to you, because they are too busy looking at the screen.

Do we really need to hide behind a screen to find friends? Messages that are sent across the social networking are accessible to anyone who wants to see them.

There are times where friendships are broken beyond repair as there are accusations put on the Internet which the world sees, then decide to involve themselves. If you honestly have something to say to someone, be direct and tell them face to face not through social feeds.


Take the challenge of not using social networking for a couple of days, and see how much of a difference it makes. You will be surprised how much you could do without it, the greater friendships you will get, and the more enjoyable times you have by living in the moment.



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