How have I been at University and living in Manchester for 2 years!


Living in Manchester, Salford

Its crazy that I have been living in the north for 2 years! When I originally said I would go to University I felt like 3 years living up north was going to be a complete nightmare. Not having family just around the corner from me or calling upon them for the most needless of things.

By making the jump from living in the comforts of my own house I have learnt how to be far more independent, where I’m not so reliant on the family in anyway. Yes  before you say “surely you need your family in some way” the support they have given me in my academic subject where I have called upon them to help me. I know deep down that they would help me if i needed it. I may have made a few rash decisions in the last 2 years of University, with so many stumbling blocks causing some issues. however i feel that some of them i have experienced will make me a better person with more of a determination to succeed with friends and family.

I feel that nothing is cemented until you fully focus on one thing, trying to juggle more than one thing at once can cause conflict. I have been one for not really focusing fully on one thing, made a few choices that I look now wishing i had done the opposite. I feel that my second year has been the most challenging on me with multiple problems happening in the space of the 8 months I have been here. Some have been with the structure of the course where I have been doing countless amounts of tests.

This year has gone too fast!! 

It’s funny looking back the conversation of how we all were going to approach our year, also planning on moving into accommodation as a group next year. Before we knew it we have all finished University with only our exams to go. Now we are all getting ready to move in our new house together for what will be my final year of University!

I said that 3 years of University will take ages! Wished now i had never said it! 



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