Another year closes on University! (Year 2)

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This year I started my second year with the challenge of raising my level of computer knowledge. After the first year being easier than I originally thought it would be, however this didn’t give me false intentions on what to expect in the challenges of my second year.

Moving in with new flatmates:

Moving into student halls for the second year was like a whole new beginning after issues in my first house. Moving in with a group of people who already built their friendship from the previous year was slightly off putting to begin with. However looking now I have built a strong friendship with every member of them. I would say I know I can call upon them on any situation I was in, and they would give me the direct answers which I needed. They were there for me when I got the news of my Grandad suffering from a stroke, there has been so many times this year I have called upon them with problems. It’s nice that we are all moving into a house together for which will be my final year! It’s scary to think I only have one more year of university! Where has the time gone?

Some of the events we have all done as a group will never be forgotten. The eventful trip back from Media city and having the University bus driver buying me a sweet, when I joked about stealing the bus. Also going bowling for an enjoyable night and unintentionally whitewashing them, and finally countless FIFA tournaments!

Moving in with the group of friends I did allowed me to finally feel comfortable living in Manchester. This wasn’t the same in my first year where I was always on edge, not relaxing and enjoying myself.

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My Course:

My course was a mega step –up from what it was in the first year! There has been many stumbling blocks that have held me back. The course this year has given me more of an in site into exactly where I want to go after graduating from Uni. From my original vision nothing has altered which is positive, it shows I have finally made the correct decision which has proved to show my true abilities.

Some skills I have learnt this year I was surprised I even was able to do them. Some of the modules I had to challenge myself to succeed in were Operating systems & hard coding routers and switches. With these skills I will be able to take on into future employment which is a massive achievement.

I’m now itching to start my 3rd and final year and graduate from uni with a real sense of achievement, that looking back 2-3 years I never even thought I would have even made it to University!

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My own view:

With some friends telling me I have changed since living in Manchester and studying in University. The truth is I haven’t changed it’s just I have found who and what I want to be without putting on a false appearance. Finally finding the confidence to do what I want to do without the fear of being judged.

I have gone through many changes this year but now I’m who i want to be.

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I would agree that I wasn’t the most confident person a few years back with no sense of direction in how I wanted to direct my life. However the move to Manchester and being alone has made me stronger than I ever thought I would be.

Finally finding my feet was one of my aims to gain by the end of uni this year and having a clear vision of my intentions and expectations of my life goals.



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