Life goes in many directions, throws many decisions, that in the end make sense.

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I recently noticed that since moving to Manchester I have lost some of the connection of friends back home in Hertfordshire. Maybe with me moving up here my friends couldn’t come up and see me as they probably wanted. Truth is though if you’re really close friends with them then they would at least keep in contact by messaging you first rather than you messaging them first.

The main thing in life which you realise when you make life changing decision is that the life you left will never be the same life you remember. As people grow up and move in their own direction you may not be a part of it as you once were. This is what makes friendships grow as you can live your own life and being able to still meet up with your friends and things will be the same.

As you get older you seem to become more distant with some people as you follow your own path making decisions. There comes times where you realise some of the friends you had weren’t the best fit to the direction you wanted to go. Whether it’s they could be holding you back on your success or pulling you back on any decisions you make.


There are some people who think that friendships are about always being in contact with each other at every possible moment in their life. They complain when they don’t get an instant reply from someone or chain message them till they reply! Chill! Look it’s probably taking them a while to reply because they are BUSY! Just because you don’t have anything to do doesn’t mean they are going to stop what they are doing, and put their life on hold because you have messaged them.

Just remember that everyone’s life goes in multiple directions and in the end if it’s meant to be that you and your friends meet again then so be it.

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In the end it all makes sense:

If life doesn’t make sense to you right now that’s because the life changing decision haven’t been made yet. In the end you will know when that one decision you made changed completely everything for the better. Don’t force any moment to happen, forcing anything in turn will create cracks in what we believe should happen. If things are meant to be then they will fall into place.

Which will then prove to you that in the end it all makes sense.

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