Microsoft make the change to 10, will this really be the best?

blue-wallpaper_windows_10_hd_2880x1800 windows10

So today Microsoft announced that the new operating system Windows 10 will be released on 29th July 2015. Do we all remember back when Microsoft thought it was great to create an operating system that was compatible with both tablets and desktops. Well we all know how that went. Many users of the operating system had a few major concerns with the functionality and usability for users who had a desktop computer.

Members of the public refused to move from the fully functional and user friendly Windows 7. Even when they purchased a new computer that had Windows 8 installed removed it and installed Windows 7. The major flaw in Windows 8 which didn’t impress the user was when they removed the standard start menu that each operating system had from Windows 95 to Windows 7. It was however upgraded to some horrid tile menu format which was far too complex for anyone using a desktop computer.

With the large amount of complaints from the public to Microsoft they decided to correct the issue and release an updated version of the operating system and released Windows 8.1 (Windows 9). This then allowed the user either have the traditional start menu or the tile format (which was designed solely for tablets).

So with this in mind and the possibility of Microsoft messing up again is it worth rushing straight for the new operating system?

They only give you a free upgrade for one year then you will then need to re-licence your operating system!


Start menu: So they have basically created a start menu that has both the original format and the tile format to cover both forms of previous versions of operating systems. I will add that it does look more user friendly which will benefit the users who are so fond of using Windows 7 over Windows 8.


Start-up & Performance: There is a performance upgrade to the operating system which will mean that the user won’t have to wait as long for the computer to start up (this will depend on your hardware compared to the recommended spec to support Windows 10.) also with the improvements of navigation around the system itself.

Windows Personal Assistant (Cortana): So really is this needed on the operating system? Yes we all know exactly what we are looking for but really having this is pointless. It works well on mobile devices but really is it required on a desktop computer? The advantage of using a new operating system is to explore it not have a personal assistant do it for you.


Linking your account: This is a great touch for anyone who is constantly on the go just looking at their phone to see any reminders (this is only if you have a Windows Phone). Yes you heard correct this little feature is only accessible to anyone who owns a Windows Phone. So if you have Android or Apple device don’t bother using this feature.


Windows Store: This was a touch that was brought into Windows 8 by Microsoft when it was first released. It was a different direction that Microsoft took which branched out the market of apps (applications) to compete with the competitors Apple. Some apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype to name a few all work at the click of the button after downloading them from the Windows Store. The only issue which was noted in Windows 8 was exiting the app properly and closing it down securely.


Finally is it best for everyone to wait a while before moving to Windows 10 so all the bugs can be fixed, so we have an operating system that we can be happy with or shale we just stick to what we know?



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