Who said football isn’t entertaining? Just look at FIFA now!


With the latest reports of corruption seems funny how we have all been saying it or a while that something was wrong. Many members of FIFA have been held accountable by the swish government and the FBI on corruption allegation an seems to be getting reported more in multiple areas of FIFA Governing body.

In fairness wasn’t it a little odd how Qatar were going to host the World Cup in 2022, with no realistic measurements put in place. For the World Cup to happen plus it was going to mess up all of the football calendars of all the biggest leagues in the world.

qatar_3209829b qatar_1780755a

Other issues that weren’t noted was the weather. Yes it was bad enough in 2014 with the Brazil World Cup where frequent drink brakes were put into place which made their World Cup possible. But honestly us British players playing in 40’C (104’F) heat? We all complain when its 30’C (86’F) outside, so like we would cope with playing football in that type heat.


FIFA have been sneaking around in many major corruption allegations which cause for concern for the wellbeing of the footballing governing body. The most noticeable moment which was reported Monday that Stepp Blatter Head of FIFA was resigning. Now if I’m correct in thinking has he resigned so that all the allegations of corruption leave him and he is free to walk a free man? I THINK NOT! Sky reported on Wednesday 3rd June that Stepp Blatter is under investigation in relation to the body’s corruption scandal. If you run away from any major situation it in the end makes you out to be hiding something.

Capture22 s_blatter

So what is Stepp trying to avoid? Is it that he was bribed by the Qatar government to allow them to host the 2022 World Cup?  Was it that he has a personal vendetta against England and wanted to stop them hosting it?

We all remember the 2010 World Cup game England vs. Germany where 36mins in Frank Lampard scored from outside the 18 yard box which lobbed over Manuel Neuer, where all members both in the stadium and watching on the TV saw. That moment the ball crossed the line and was retrieved by the goal keeper you could see on his face that he knew it went in. By the end of the game England lost 4-1 but had the goal Lampard scored of counted the score at 37 min in would have been at 2-2. All England fans felt that they were cheated out of the game and called for something to be done to stop this happening.

lampards-goal_1667593c BpS6KJQCQAEMIrE

That wasn’t the only time that this situation had occurred and the head of FIFA still wouldn’t look into Goal line technology as he believed it would slow the game down. Even though all other sports use technology to help with decisions even more so rugby with tries. It was later brought into power in 2014 World Cup.


It’s amazing that there is so much corruption in FIFA and it’s taken till now that members are getting found out. Causing other members to try and get out of it before they are dragged in by the FBI. We can all hope that now Stepp Blatter has left FIFA there may be more natural decisions on how we perceive football and bring back the love of the game.


Will we see more members of FIFA being pulled in for corruption allegations in years to come, or will there be changes in how football is run from the higher authorities?



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