Dominos Pizza Slice of life Documentary:

Slice-of-Life pizza

Last week there was a documentary based on Dominos Pizza the largest pizza franchise/companies in the world which makes on average 7 pizzas every minute. They also aim to break/make records of creating high quality products and service in the world. It costs £280,000 to buy a shop as a franchisee for the Dominos brand which allows you to sell their products on behalf of the Dominos name. (best hope to win the lottery) it’s not however all about buying loads of stores if you haven’t got the service to back it up. It requires a lot of commitment and structuring to create a successful business. It’s also astonishing that Dominos make over 76 million pizza’s a year, go through as much tomato sauce as the size of 2 Olympic swimming pools, and 800 tons of pepperoni (equivalent of 80 double decker busses.) Domino-s-and-PizzaExpress-lead-Youth100-list_strict_xxl 7168365196_f2d1727b6d Watching the documentary allows the public to see exactly what happens behind the scenes of them placing their order. We all know that when you place your food order all you worry about it that it gets to you hot and fresh. But there is so much that happens between you placing your order with the member of staff on the phone to either the member of staff serving you in the shop or the delivery driver to your door.

Anyone remember when Celebrity juice guest Chris Ramsey decided that he would really test to see if a pizza could be delivered to him while he was travelling from London to Newcastle. Well it was Dominos that contact him to arrange the pick up, wouldn’t you say that shows commitment to a meet a customer needs. (don’t think this would happen all the time).Capture  Capture2 109

The passion and commitment from each member is what adds that special touch to the product that arrives at your door. Don’t worry not everyone is as crazy/sad as the documentary showed, as you all know deep down most of the people would do anything to look good in front of a camera.

I would say as an employee of Dominos is that it’s probably one of the hardest jobs for speed and precision that I have ever had to do. From beginning of my first shift at the age of 16 I was only topping the pizzas, moving on 3 years I became a shift manager which allowed me to run shifts manager controlling the store reaching all required targets which i still do now. I would say that I have learnt a lot from the job which I have built a lot of confidence in myself that has made me the person I am.

So now you know what happens from the moment you order your pizza and the commandment that goes into it makes it worth every penny!



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