Just stop for a second as you watch the world go by…

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Have you ever just stopped and sat down on the closest bench from you and watched the world go by? It has to be one of the most relaxing things to do in any given situation. Either while you’re eating your lunch in the centre of town or just sitting in a landmark location.

Traveling around the country on many forms of public transport allows you to sit down relax. This actually helps you to appreciate the blossoming trees in spring, the most amazing scenery the country has to offer then (I would say this is the best) sun rising and setting into the sea. More often than not if these moments are shared with someone it makes the moment special unlike no other.

Kings-Cross-Station-Concourse Virgin Trains

There are so many moments that occur even while you’re rushing around, but you’re too busy to stop and appreciate them. It’s amazing how much goes on in a certain space, the business and congestion of commuters in and around London is an obvious statement. The amount of people who travel around from point to point is amazing. Not only that but the differences in what each individual person is doing, some listening to music, on the phone, texting or strangely enough reading newspapers and books while walking around.


I would definitely say I am one of the many people who likes to just sit and watch the world go by, obviously this doesn’t only occur when I have nothing to do or any time to be at a certain place.

Even when you’re stuck in the typical Friday rush hour in gridlock with everyone rushing to get home. It’s fascinating to see that every member in every car is doing something different whether is changing radio stations, games in the car, or yellow car spotting. But it’s only that because your held up in the traffic  it allows you to see what is happening around you.

1-london-traffic  download (1)

No day will ever be the same, where someone is doing something different every day. This is what makes every day unique, this allows us to appreciate all the days that we are to look forward to. Every so often it’s good to just stop and let the world go by, just doing little things like that help you to relax and see things from another perspective.




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