Summer Anthems are a go! Where you going?

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It has now hit the time of the year for all you music lovers out there going to see all your favourite bands. Are you a Metal lover going to Download? Are you a Rock and Indy lover and going Reading and Leeds? Or finally are you an all-rounder and going to Glastonbury?

Every year there is the excitement of who is going to be headlining the major Music summer festivals. With Glastonbury hitting the headlines after requiring to re-shuffle artists after Lead Member Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters being unable to perform after breaking his leg on the tour in Sweden, just before the highly anticipated Glastonbury festival on the Friday main slot. No fear as the organisers of Glastonbury were able to get the musical talent of Florence and the Machine to cover the slot.

Capturettt Captureggg

Would Florence be able to feel the massive slot that has been left open by the huge American rock artist Foo Fighters?

With the energy and stage presence that Foo fighters have is a tall order for the mighty Florence, not only that but the headlining of Friday is where there is so much energy. I hope for the members of the public who have paid for the Glastonbury ticket aren’t disappointed even though the reshuffling was unavoidable after Dave Grohl was told he couldn’t perform.

It seems like at the moment Glastonbury is jinxed, last year Rudimental were told to cut their set short due to a serious storm which was approaching the festival. Now this year one of their main headlines are unable to perform. What is going to happen next year? Finger crossed this jinx is broken by next year and there are no issues to deal with.


Get out them wellies for the traditional Glastonbury festival! You may not need them but I’m sure you will have a great time !

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