To all the fathers out there on Father’s Day

Every year all our dad’s (fathers) enjoy a day of satisfaction that their children appreciate them for everything they have done. There is however some dad’s out there that have neglected their children from a very young age whom of which don’t wish their dad a Happy Father’s Day.

For all the children out there who know their dad and spends time with him daily should be happy to have one. Sometimes our dads can drive us crazy but then they can be there for us when we are in real trouble. We can call upon them for absolutely anything and they will do everything in their power to correct or make things happen.

I for one am very appreciative of my Dad, from a very young age he has made everything possible for me. Taking me on holidays that I will never forget, in reality I have lost track how many holidays he has taken me on. One holiday I will never forget is going to America 3 times in the space of 4 years. I have callen upon him in times of need when my car has broken down on me. He has given me the reassurance to excel in anything I set myself on doing, whether it’s university or work prospects. More importantly he has been the father figure I have looked upon and I am glad to call him my dad.


Now for anyone who doesn’t wish their dad a happy father’s day. Yes their might be valid reasons as to why you may dislike your dad. The truth is that without him you wouldnt be here. Like they say “it takes two to tango”. So put aside all of your hate towards him and just for today and only today be glad that you know him and that you appreciate that he is your father by blood.

It’s only one day a year that you have to appreciate that he brought you into the world, doesn’t mean the other 364 days you need to be thankful for him.



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