Britain get hit by a freak heatwave! 

So in the past few days the UK has been hit by a heatwave which has come from Europe. The thing is not only has it been hot in the day which is understandable, but the stickiness and humid nights aren’t really what we expect. For the past 2-3 nights the evenings have been at a very uncomfortable 20+ degrees Celsius (68+ Fahrenheit).


We all love the sun then we hate the rain. But really now with this heatwave causing us to take any evasive action to keep cool it can only mean on thing on the horizon. That’s right a HOSE PIPE BAN! The day this comes into effect at the rate of the hot weather, with it being so humid and with no moisture in the air will eventually dry out the water reserves that we have in place. This will cause major problems with keeping everyone cool with restrictions on people’s needs and requirements.


There are plenty of things that we all love about the sun but when it’s in your home country it’s a bloody nuisance. You then wonder why no one complains when they are on holiday about the heat, that is because you go for the sun and the heat. No way did I or anyone in England even expect it to be this hot at the start of July, with a major concern that it’s made history for being the hottest day in July ever recorded!

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Some major concerns especially today was the impact it would make on everyone. It was reported that a ball boy at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships passed out and had to be stretchered off due to the heat. It was recorded that around 3-4pm that the temperature on Centre Court was 41.1 degrees Celsius. Now imagine running around playing in tennis with that amount of heat, or even driving down the road with your windows wide open with no cool air entering your car.

Now is it really the heat or the humidity that causes a problem for the public. We all say we love it when it’s nice and sunny but in fact more often than not people are complaining that it’s too hot! Even with the use of Electric fans aren’t making any difference as it’s just spinning hot air back in the room. I don’t mind some heat but it’s when there is no breeze is when it becomes a problem for me. Just a nice cool breeze every so often makes all the difference.


So quit complaining its too hot and grab all your sun lotions, enjoy nice cool shower and make the most of the summer as you all know living in the UK it doesn’t last long.

blackpool-beach-england A-beach-day-at-Southend-On-Sea



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