Is privacy and public security being invaded by government?

no facebook-messenger-logo

In the past week we as the public have been informed by the proposed changes to social networking messages. The main providers being impacted by this change is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat & iMessage. Reason why this is being put in place is due to the high encryption protocols that are put in place by the applications which many terrorist are using..


The Prime Minister David Cameron feels that these actions need to be acted upon as soon as possible, to help protect the public from possible terror threats. Looking at the basic structure of his idea has some valid points where the security of the public is essential. However are the government touching closely to invading the privacy of the public?

Are the public going to be cautious as to what to send over the internet with all these changes? Will you feel safe with all the messages you send to everyone? The truth is our country is going to be like a massive world of Big Brother. Now who really wants to be watched everywhere?

Is this really for the benefit of securing the country or is this a way for everyone to be watched in any way possible?

The internet has so many loop holes in it daily, especially hackers hacking major corporations. Now these changes of making all forms of messages accessible will only makes things more accessible to hackers. Now has the government thought of that before coming out with some of these stupid ideas?

security_privacy_hacker_crime_thief_steal_data_information_digital_criminal_breach_binary_code_danger_safety_password-100411670-primary.idge anonymous-hackers

With the UK looking to ban the use of these social networking applications in the autumn of this year, will there just be another programmers looking to just create other applications that works the exact same way? No matter how many times the government look to ban computer applications there is always going to be one created by someone else.

So will you feel safe using the internet or do you feel that your privacy is being invaded by the government? Do we need to put a stop to some of these proposed ideas to feel trusted by the government that our data will be secure?




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