Never make someone a priority if they make you just an option


Too often when we are young we aim to impress so everyone to get noticed. More frequently we try hardest to keep in contact with everyone, messaging them frequently as you feel you haven’t heard from them in a while seems normal. It’s not until you realise that they are only speaking to you because you are an option to them. Examples such as they have no one to speak to and it just so happens that you have popped up, and they think well I have no one better to talk to or anything better to do.

There is the proof that you’re only an option to them. The difficult part of it is noticing that you’re making them your priority where they make you as an option. With life no one has priority over anyone, everyone is neutral, make yourself the priority.

Just make yourself the main person. Just play them at their own game. Time will come where they will either just move on without you or they will realise they were just a complete fool. Difference is you don’t have time giving every one of your  friends individual levels, everyone is on the same level it’s just you give some more attention than others.

So remember when your messaging them or trying to contact them, then suddenly they pop up when you least expect them, this means that you are the option for them. Don’t be the option!



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