23 years young still with much to learn.

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With reaching yet another year means I’m a year wise and a year more grown up. I have come to realise that as you get older the years seem to fly by. Does that mean you let it go by? NO you make the most of the time you have, as you never know when life could turn against you.

With all the flaws I have in myself I feel that I’m totally different to how I was a year ago. In truth since reaching 18 years old (scarily 6 years ago) I have had many life changing moment that have made me more confident about myself. With this all in mind the support of friends and family throughout some tough times have helped me become the person I am.

Realisation on things I have done this year:

Realised that there is no point in rushing things. Like the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” things happen when they are meant to. If something doesn’t go as planned does it mean that there is never a chance that it will happen?

Things happen when they are meant to if not then it’s either not the time or your destiny to happen. I have in the last year been forcing things to happen whether it’s for the best or for my own personal gain seems to be still in question.

Challenging year:

This has been one of my most challenging years with so many moments of positives counteracted by as many negatives. This has made me stronger in my decision making and helping me to grow up into the man I am today. I would say I have changed in the last few years especially since going to university I have found who I really am. No longer have fear of being concerned to what people think of me and just getting on with my life.

There is no point dwelling on what has happened and what you could have done to correct it. Truth is that life is just a long lesson which no day is ever the same so just take every day as a different lesson. You see different people who all go on their own separate paths or grow up differently.

Onwards and upwards:

Loving how my life is going and couldn’t have asked for it to be any different. My aim for this year is to graduate from uni and then go on my first ever holiday without parents. Achieve the grades and achievements from at one point I never even thought I would get. Might have to treat myself to a little holiday for all the hard work I have put in with my university course. But first let’s get through it!

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