Internet dating making life simple. But what happened to the old traditional way?

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There are plenty of dating websites out there and application on everyone’s smartphones. Where were the days where we would meet people at social clubs and generally in public? Offering to take them for coffee, meal or cinema. Knowing who they are face to face is more secure. Think of it this way, behind a screen how sure are you that the person you are speaking to is really who they say they are?

So with some of the main applications/websites used by the general public such as,, Tinder, Grinder to name a few. It’s all well and good making a profile and making it as interesting and unique to any over user on them sites. But it’s understanding how you are presenting yourself on a public service and the information you are releasing to anyone on them sites.

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They offer you a free subscription then charge you monthly for additional add-ons. It questions me as to why are we paying for something that should happen naturally? Is it that we are all becoming far too lazy and feel more comfortable being behind a screen? Could you honestly say that all the information you have put on there is 100% correct?

We all want to be this exciting and unique person. Really if we are all completely honest we all are. There isn’t one person who is exactly the same. Flaws are always going to be visible to the other person, it’s if they see past your flaws is what attracts them to you.

I never really understand why people create fake accounts. This just defeats the whole point of this social networking application bringing people together. If I’m honest with you, to be that lame to create one is just funny in itself. We all have that one thing where we wish we looked different, acted different, all round just being someone who isn’t you.


There have been many reports where the fake accounts have resulted in abductions and possible sexual assaults. Now if anything seems odd to you and you don’t trust the person you are speaking to then don’t meet them. If your gut instinct is telling you not to do something then in most cases turns out to be right.



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