Haven’t blogged in over 3 weeks due to having nothing worthy of writing up. So here it is……

So starting my third and final year seems strange to think that my time has gone so fast. There have been so many up’s and downs in my time at university but I’m looking at the positives into my final year projects. Using the summer break after my second year has helped me to gather my thoughts and collect them together to achieve the best grade I can.

For anyone who is just joining university take every day as a lesson from which will benefit you later in life. Just remember time doesn’t stop in fact it will go faster than you think. Before you know it you will be in my position starting your final year.

Spending most of my time over the summer seeing my grandad was special, it’s always nice to know that everything that has happened he still has the fighting character to not give in to the stroke, which he suffered from earlier this year. Every day is a hurdle for everyone but it’s the way in which we pump ourselves up as individuals to achieve makes the hurdles easier to get over.

The guy I have become in university have made me more confident in my own abilities, also given me positive mentality to take on any challenges.  I have grown into the man I should have been from the very beginning. With the past being the past and the success I have achieved shouldnt have even been possible, just goes to show that no matter what the problems is, it’s you at the end of the day that makes the success. There are people out there who tell you that you will never make something of yourself, well if you only listen to that negativity then how are you going to make a name for yourself? Some people who see you succeeding will either enjoy the success with you or they will end up dismissing you because of your achievements. Just goes to show that some people can’t help but be jealous of someone’s success.

Looks like there is only one more year of me being in Manchester as I plan to return back (not to say nothing could change it this year) to the south and work in London. However this will all depend on the jobs I apply for, at the end of the day I have to go where the work is.



4 thoughts on “Haven’t blogged in over 3 weeks due to having nothing worthy of writing up. So here it is……

  1. Congratulations I think you’ll go far — Oh, by the way… ” I plan to return back (not to say nothing could change it this year) to the south and work in London.” reminded me of Mark Knopfler, & Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing song… “Way down South — in London Town”


    1. Hey sonsothunder,

      I’m glad you liked reading my blog and took the time to read my posts! I hope to find more people who enjoy my blogs! So please share around!

      Kind regards,


      1. Links are the best method, but comments and visits spread the word to all those visiting another site – when the gravatars are working properly anyway. I’ve had trouble with mine lately.


      2. I fully agree, been blogging for a year nearly and wanting to branch out getting more followers! all feedback is welcome. Yeah same here had issues getting my site to function correctly. I think the issues are now sorted hopefully.


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