Vlad makes a move, the world makes theirs, now it’s up to them.

russian-prime-minister-vladimir-putin-chairing-a-meeting-in-st-petersburg-pic-getty-35869320   Microphone-with-its-Your-Turn

Today Vladimir Putin (Russian Prime Minister) voiced out that this problem in Syria needs to be sorted. Has asked for the west side of the world to join his country in his bid to stop all the riots and fleeing of citizens from Syria. A country in pieces is causing strain on the world, it’s now time to put a stop to all the trouble.

It is however funny that it’s taken so long for someone to finally make the move and stand for people’s rights. I’m not saying I agree with the way in which the Syrians are fleeing their country. What I mean is all the rioting on country borders due to not being allowed access. It’s not that you’re being refused cause of your nationality it’s more the face that the countries you are trying to enter can’t actually accommodate you family. It’s like you asking for 20 people to live in a 3 bedroom house it’s just not practical.

The main issue is that some of the people trying to get through the borders could in fact not be Syrian’s which begs the question is everyone joining the same bandwagon to get entry into Europe?

150826-150826-world-hungary-razor-wire-climb-1057a-jpg-1049_5488f76d80c387a78bdf32c3e8701353.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000  hungarian-border-riot2

I’m glad to see that we are making a move, however is this just going to create another world war? We are basically fighting against our own weapons, you wonder why? Well ages ago when there were issues in Iran and Iraq we sent over our weapons to help them deal with the problems. Well now things got out of control and they are now causing chaos.


Hearing Vladimir Putin’s speech on the news today shows commitment to helping the distressed but will this fix the problem? The only way we will beat the problem is by taking out the virus, once that is gone there will be some form of normality.

Will ISIS give over that easy? I doubt it very much they are destroying everything in their path and will do so until someone stops them.



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