We begin to go back to smaller and thinner phones yet again!

Recently in the news Apple released a statement that they are looking at releasing an iPhone Mini (6c). Now after doing much research into a Mini iPhone, Apple said that they were returning back to the 4 inch Screen. Now you’re wondering should we be looking at getting an iPhone Mini. Well the truth in the matter is that the iPhone 4/5 originally had a 4inch screen, which is being discussed by apple for the new iPhone 6c.

So why are the phones going smaller yet again? It seems like a common issue that as fast as the phones are getting bigger they are getting smaller and vice versa. They have stated that consumers have been complaining about the size and bulkiness of the iPhone 6/6s telling Apple that it’s clumpy and in fact the screen size doesn’t need to be as large as it is.

Now the common issues with the use of larger screens, comes with battery usage. Commonly if you have a larger amount of pixels being produced on a screen at any given second, you’re going to use a lot of battery. The usage allowance of certain apps which use a high level of refresh rate also take a lot of the battery usage. Given these facts this is what would be the common reason consumers are having issues with battery usage. Simple. Just close your apps!

Now going back to how frequent we are chopping from a bigger phone to a smaller phone. Thinner phone to a more bulky phone. There are so many bizarre things which phone companies look to take advantage of. With Apple keeping tight lipped about the details and specifications of the new iPhone7 which is due for release in September 2016, it begs the question of the rumours which are circulating. Apple haven’t given any specification on the size of the phone but I can assure you that’s the least of their worries.

Apple-steve-jobs-iphone-005  iphone-hero

What’s been the major discussion with the NEW iPhone7

ad_185901948-e1445938825482  iPhone-7-Concept

With the new iPhone comes with new pieces of new hardware advances. There however is one issue which has been raised by many consumers and that is the headphone jack. As you would know everyone uses headphones, the availability of purchasing any headphones and using them on your device is a huge advantage. Well not anymore. Apple want to ditch the 3.5mm port so that they can make it thinner. YES…. Thinner.  Like the phone needs to be any thinner.

How long before someone creates an extension which allows members of the public to still use their 3.5mm jack headphones? We all know eventually someone will come up with this! Now just this prove to consumers that they (apple) are just rinsing more and more money out of us! Yet we will keep buying the new trend technology.

Lightning_connector.jpg  bottom.jpg

They are looking to make the lightning port a major part of all their new devices. The issue for consumers with this change is that they will be paying more money into Apple’s pocket. The lightning port causes more of an issue, as users would be unable to listen to music with any headphones which have a 3.5mm jack. So say goodbye to your recently purchased £200 beats headphones!

As an owner of the 6s I don’t really find that it’s clumpy as I have relatively large hands. It’s in fact the only issue I have is that it’s hard for me to get the phone out of my pockets, without the fear of dropping it. So if we all fear so much about dropping/bending it then what’s the point in making it thinner?



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