Is streaming of media content ruining the old traditional methods?

Commonly in this day and age the use of streaming all types of content on the internet is a major step in the evolution of internet usage. But where were the days of inserting a CD/DVD into the player, or just having a hard copy of something?

We all used to own our Sony Walkman CD Players, the endless hours spent changing CD’s over, and the annoying moment of jumping in-between the song with sudden movement. Even thou your adamant the Walkman never moved. Also how often we used to create mixed playlists and carefully choosing 19 songs to put on the CD. REMBER THAT!? 

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I remember that exact moment, when I got bored of that playlist then deciding what to do with that CD when it was almost useless. Now if you put that into consideration now that would be the most annoying thing. The introduction of portable devices (MP3’s) came just before the turn of 2000. This gave us the choice of creating playlists, which we would be able to delete and change at the click of the button.

The transformation in media usage was the introduction of mobile devices. The days where you were able to transfer the latest song over Bluetooth. Then the major issue of pairing the devices and not being able to if you was more than 10 meters away from each device. Don’t lie you all remember sending over the latest Akon song!

Now we have reached the years where everyone streams media; YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Now TV, to name a few. We all want to be able to retrieve all information at the click of the button. Even the process of downloading is all virtual, where there is no hard copies of anything. Where were the days where we had the object in our hands?

Streaming has issues of requiring internet connectivity to gain access to the content yet, the with the physical copy of the same content can be access offline. Now isn’t that better for availability?

The ease and the access of virtual content proves to be the norm, yet it’s so nice to see when people still want to pay slightly more for something, which gives them the feeling of having something physically in their possession.

Can we please just bring back the physical copies of everything?



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