Apple Causing more issues with new IOS 9 update.

I have been reading recently of another issue which apple have caused with consumers. Think about this question. How often are you able to get an appointment in Apple? I hear you scream out “NO!” That’s right we often have a waiting time of over 2 weeks, with near enough all the stores in close proximity being filled. Well this is where our little “knock of phone repair companies” who fix the Apple devices come are a life saver. That smashed screen from a drunken night out fixed upon request, in less time and cost for Apple to fix it. Well with the new IOS 9 update coming to all devices in the next few months has an “Error code 35”.

Now you ask yourself, what is “Error code 35”? Simply it’s a bug which Apple have looked to stop counterfeit repairs. Now it’s all good and well them trying to protect us from configurations issues and safety hazards. But what they have caused with this so called bug is a riot between consumers. YES you heard that right, Apple are causing users phones to become inactive if it detects any unauthenticated hardware in the phones. So yes! That screen you paid half of the price for could result in you throwing £500+ down the drain.

Commonly known issue which all iPhone’s from 5s onwards is the finger print scanner. Well this is the main piece of hardware which is said to be the cause of “Error code 35”. Apple have said that they are looking to correct it, but do we really think they are going to fix the issue?

Could this be a step too far for consumers of Apple? Are Apple going to start losing sales with other mobile company avoiding the barricades Apple keep putting in place?

Truth is that most likely all the consumers who have followed apple from the very beginning will be reluctant to just get up and go. But it seems like people at latching onto some of the tactics Apple are using and becoming wise to it.

All we know is that if apple started to care about consumers they would stop with all these stupid ideas of taking more and more money out of us.



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