Is your privacy being invaded by the new Windows 10 Operating System?

It has been notified on many YouTube channels of the issues of privacy, which they have encountering with Windows 10. The introduction of windows 10 was the best thing since windows 7! Yeah that was 2009! Wait that was 7 years ago! Time flies!

Well back to the original content of this blog.

So the introduction of Windows 10 came out and well it was defiantly an improvement on Windows 8 & 8.1 (Windows 9). But what wasn’t notified to all the users who were upgrading to the new OS would end up signing up to.

Well the truth is they are tracking everything you do, the browsing you do on apps which you download from the Windows Store, internet browsing, and everyday uses. Now is this a productive thing that they are watching your every move, or is this invading of your privacy. It’s not only that which is a problem, it’s that they can even control your computer device. Remember when you could tell windows when to download all the updates? Well you’re out of control on that now, as the information is downloaded behind the OS. So you won’t even know it’s downloading. Then the worse part…. It will then try and restart the computer to install them updates, no matter what you’re doing! Now I’m not too keen on that if I’m honest.

They have given you the option to either “notify when to restart” or schedule when to restart, but then what happens if you forget when you scheduled it?

If you’re wondering how to change your settings on Windows 10 to restrict Microsoft from snooping on what you’re doing and to get control of your system then follow these easy steps below.

To be notified when to restart:

Windows button >>> Settings
Update & Security >>> Advance Options
Click drop down menu>>> Select “Notify to Schedule Restart”

To change your Privacy Options:

Windows button>>> Type “Privacy Settings”
Go Down to “Feedback & Diagnostics”>>>>Click Drop down and select “Never”
Even turn off Cortana! “dont get to know me”!.
Then Turn off everything else!


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