Analog, to digital, now to Web services.

As your aware last week BBC finally decided to turn off BBC Three from the public domain, however they have not turned the service off completely.

There was a serious amount consumers appealing BBC’s decision to turn off, what has been classed as the “Channel of Youth”. There have been plenty of shows which catches the attention of the younger audience, where now we are all being thrown over to Channel 4.

Before the turn of the Millennium we were introduced to the technology of Digital TV. The old days where we flicked between 5 channels were no more. The cost to have this service did burn a hole in some people’s pockets, yet it was the best thing since the introduction of TV.

Additionally the introduction of Sky, Virgin Media, and BT, took the consumers by storm offering services which expanded the TV listings to new heights. Some services included the addition of direct package services such as Movies, Sports, and Kids channels to name a few.

Now with the Demand of Web services such as BBC IPlayer, Netflix and Amazon prime predominantly taking over the TV services we are once used to. It’s all well and good offering these services on the internet. However, I’m aware that we aren’t in the ages where we don’t know how to operate the internet, but surely we don’t want the TV technology to be discontinued.

How will these Web services impact the consumer? Well the network will be overloaded and congested, services will be delayed, and customer complaints will get higher. The only way this will be controlled is the introduction of signing up to services, which could end up costing you more a month. That’s right your already expensive Internet package will be greatly increased, with the requirements of faster download speeds, lease line connections, Wide area networks. Increasing the network doesn’t come cheap as you already are aware.

So is it really a good step for everything to move to web services and flooding the network? Well as you can tell it will impact massively on TV rating on the specified channel. This is because the consumers will not go looking on the internet for their fix of Jeremy Kyle. The availability of the TV service is always going to be the most suited form for all the variety of consumers. So why fix something that isn’t broken.



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