The rivalry begins with Samsung making the move to release the New S7..

As you aware of the rivalry between Apple and Samsung has begun as they fight against each other to win over consumers. Offering a faster processor, better battery life, higher spec camera, or just a better screen resolution.

Every year it seems to be a new introduction of a new phone device, adding to the revenue which has been accumulated from the most popular Phone industries. Now I know I have compared already the introduction of the Iphone7, which is due to come out later this year (no official date released). However with the S7 coming out in just over 2 weeks from today (11th March 2016) will this make Apple speed up the introduction of the iPhone 7? We will have to wait and see.

So what can you get by purchasing the new S7?

Sleek Design:

Well the outer shell of the device (edges) are in fact rounded (like Apple, yes) but it is said to be more fitting to the consumers hand, which means it will be able to fit in one hand. Not like you can do with that bulky iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which requires two hands.

The camera is lower raised so that it’s not a hindrance, especially when you try to put it in your pocket, and keeps the back of the phone nice and smooth.


That’s right, not this stupid “yeah we have a water proof phone on offer”, which in in fact water resistant. With the IP38 rating, which has been brought back by Samsung you can put your phone in water. Now before you try all forms of water depths, it does have restrictions. You can put the S7 in water of depths of 1.5 metres for 30mins, yes before you say it; it was included in the S5 but it’s been more improved.

External Memory slot:

YES you heard it! Samsung have gone away with the restriction of the storage memory on the device. This will allow the consumer to attach a Micro SD memory card to the phone giving them more free space on the phone storage. This is to be found within the Sim tray. BE AWARE YOU CANT ADD A STANDARD MEMORY CARD AS THIS WILL NOT FIT IN THE DEVICE.

Resolution and Camera Megapixels:

Now the new OS of the Samsung is the same functionality as the S5 and S6, but it has a crisper image with the OS responding faster to the request of the user interface with a faster processor.

They have decided to stick with the original QHD Resolution screen which was found to be in the previous models of the device. Well in truth with a 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, it’s a resolution that’s so sharp the human eye can’t even register the pixels.

The camera runs again the same as the predecessors of the mobile device. Additional features now consist of a 12 megapixel camera. There is a faster response of camera with a faster flick rate coming from the improved megapixels.

Additionally there is a new Dual Pixels system, which helps for the improvement of the auto focus. This is a common issue with trying to take a quick photo, where the camera takes far too long to focus. This is reduced drastically by the new S7.

Always on Display:

Now this feature is an additional feature to the S7 and that’s right no need to guess, it’s always on. If you’re now worrying about the battery, this feature only used 1% of the battery life per hour. So yes if you calculate it, it’s not that good as you work it out 1% per hour = 24% a day with the “always on display”. DON’T WORRY THOUGH CONSUMERS, THIS CAN BE TURNED OFF IN THE SETTINGS.

The price of the device:

There isn’t any official price of the device not yet realised, we will no doubt find that out in the next few days. It has been reported that it’s going to be cheaper than the iPhone 7. Now it’s up to you if you determine the cheaper the product to be the worse quality you’re getting.



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