That smile might be taken off your face, as phone company clamp down on emoji’s.

In the news recently any consumers who are on “02” and “EE” will notice that they have been charged a small fee, after sending a standard text message with a simple emoji.

That’s right anyone who is with them providers will incur a charge of up to £0.40p per message. There goes people broadcasting that they have unlimited texts and that they can send what they want. Truth is the use of an emoji changes the message from a SMS (Standard Message Service) to a MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Additionally if you use “WhatsApp” or “iMessage” then you don’t have to worry about this issue as it doesn’t apply to them, but would evidently come out of the Data allowance.

But how are consumers who have devices which automatically change the symbols dealing with this? Message content such as the semi colon and bracket which produces a smiley face, being the common problem. This happens when the inbuilt software converts any symbol which is coded like an emoji.

Fear not though consumers you can change the setting to turn of MMS, this should then inform you of any alterations, which may be applied if you continue to adapt the standard SMS. This aims to stop any possibility of accidently sending, what you thought was a normal SMS message when it was in fact a MMS.

At the moment it’s only EE and 02 which have incurred these charges to consumers who innocently add a little smiley face at the end of a text. But I’m sure it’s not long before the other phone company joins on the bandwagon.

All that it will no doubt cause will be that consumers will move on from the standard SMS messaging, and look for contracts which have a higher data rate so they can send messages across internet access apps such as WhatsApp & iMessage without any restrictions.



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