PlayStation taking a step up on Xbox One with “MUSASHI” 3.50 Update?

If you own a PlayStation 4 then you would have, if you haven’t already updated to the PlayStation 4 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI) software update. Well this update has got many consumers talking about the expansion of services which Sony are offering.

New Social features:

Appear Offline:


You can access your PlayStation and turn off your online status allowing you to play any game without any disruptions. More importantly if you’re watching a movie you will not bothered by any of your friends.

Friends online Notification:


Ever wanted to know when your friends are online, well now you can go on to their profile and set a notification to show up when they come online. This is only helpful if you have a friend who can decide to either stay on or just go offline stopping you getting spammed with notifications.

User Schedule Events:


Hosting a game at a set time allows selected users to create an event whereby everyone can attend. This allows you to choose the day, time, game, and send it off to your friends. Anyone who registers to attend the event will automatically be put in a party allowing the event and playing can begin straight away.  You can also share the event to other groups or the community you are part of. Then the event will be sent as a message, or posted to a community wall, and members can register from there.


New System Features:

Remote Play on universal devices:


Any users who own a Windows PC or Apple Mac can now run “Remote Play” on each of the devices. Evidently the main advance to remote play was introduced with consumers who have a PS Vita. But to save you buying another device Sony have made it possible to use devices which you would already own and be able to access all your content on your PlayStation like you hadn’t even left the device.

Remote Play on PC / Mac is compatible with the following system software:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 or later
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

You’ll be able to select from the following resolution and frame rate options, depending on your Internet bandwidth.

Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p (Default: 540p)

Frame rate: Standard (30fps), High (60fps) (Default: Standard)

You can use one DualShock 4 as the controller for Remote Play, which needs to be connected to your PC / Mac via a USB cable.

You will need to download the “Remote Play Installer” which is accessible via Search Engines or locally sourced from Sony direct from the link below



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