Are prices of games justified or are we just being drawn into incomplete games?

You may be wondering what this is about, but have you recently noticed that we are spending more and more on marketplaces of all major gaming devices such as PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Steam. The truth is how much is your bank account making purchases for the latest content? Truth is.. how sure can you be that it’s fresh new content and not any content which was already in place; but the game designers felt they could draw more money out of you telling you it’s fresh new DLC.

Trailers are the worse for it, giving you video footage of some of the content which are in games, which are in fact not even available. While watching trailers do you read the small print where it states if what you are watching is in fact what is on offer. By making it looks so appealing makes you blind to the fact of the content they show. This is how the DLC and other material in fact make you incline to download it. Why should you have to pay for something which isn’t all there. Would you pay for a glass table without any glass? Would you pay for a TV without any speakers?

I for one haven’t been drawn into downloading all this DLC and new game material. Why are we paying over £50 for the new NextGen games for there to be downloadable DLC at another £20? The public are so drawn into spending mass amounts of money on the content from which, some consumers feel that it should already be implemented into the game.

Most content which is available is aimed at the types of players who want to be the best, have the best weapons, best cars, best players on FUT. Truth is where has the enjoyment of playing a game and reaching levels, feeling a sense of achievement. Well this is the main thing people are forgetting. The sense of achievement is why we play games, yes to be better than the other player but doing it by working towards the end goal.

Does it come to a sense of realism that the gaming industry are in fact just sending out unfinished games? The speed in which games are being made and flying off the shelves in the local stores makes you wonder if we are now in a loop hole of unfinished games. Where the gaming industry know that consumers will pay whatever the cost to have the new content. Who remembers the games where they were finished with no extendable DLC which comes at a greater cost?

Recently you may have all heard about Call of Duty’s latest announcement of giving the consumers the remastered “Call of Duty 4” along with the new instalment of the franchise. Where consumers really wanted a game which returned back to where the game reached it heights. Well they made cheeky move to get consumers to buy the new game by making the remastered version of Call of Duty 4 only available to customers who purchase the “Legacy Edition” of the game. So that’s £70 for a game where consumers wanted Infinity Ward to scrap all the Halo/destiny adaption of the game and go back to standard wars.

On the other side of the fence DICE came out with a big statement on the intent of listening to the consumers and producing a Battlefield game which will have no gimmicks. After they realised the mistakes Infinity Ward made they were determined not to fall into the hole of futuristic wars and ignoring the consumers requests.  To date (21/05/16) “Battlefield 1” trailer has reached over 33 million views on YouTube compared to “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” trailer has only reached just over 24 million views.

Are we going to stop getting drawn into buying officially unfinished games or will we take a stand against the brainwashing which we consumers are being drawn into on the market places?


3 thoughts on “Are prices of games justified or are we just being drawn into incomplete games?

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