Windows 10 AE (Anniversary Edition) incurring issues Nvidia Graphics Cards.

Are you a Computer gamer? Well if you are, then this is important for you to read.

If you are a Windows user who has recently upgrades to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition then you may have encountered Gameplay issues evidently Frame rate issues.

There is a bug that has been notified within the new codex on Windows 10 AE (Anniversary Edition) this causes issues with driver compatibility with Nvidia products. Nvidia produce and design external graphics cards for the end users to enhance on gaming experience and reach high end graphics.

With Frame Rate being an essential within gaming, it is essential for this issue to be fixed. Commonly found on games such as “League of Legends” and “Counter-strike Global Offensive” the drop in frame rate is like the game is freezing, this encounters on the major functionality of the game and impacting on the gameplay making the game unplayable.

Microsoft have been informed of many error codes and functionality issues with the Windows 10 AE. They have informed end users that there will be a update to fix the bugs which have been found in the OS, that they were unaware of.

So with this in mind if you are a Gamer and you have a Graphics card from Nvidia, then I would advise that you wait until the end of the month when the patch update will be available to the end users. Microsoft have said this issue of Frame rate drops will be corrected.

It is important for the end user to evidently upgrade to Windows 10 AE (Anniversary Edition) as security updates are implemented and the user interface is far more reliable.



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