How long will Samsung’s image be impacted since the Galaxy Note 7?

Truth is it will take a long time, there is no exact time which will determine the damage of recalling the largely anticipated Galaxy Note 7 from the market. Was it an issue that was missed from the tech department to the due diligence of Samsung fast pacing to get it out before any news from Apple was released on their new technology devices.

Really though are Samsung the only company who have been hit with a major image damage? Well if you remember Whirlpool recalling over 5 million potential faulty tumble dryers, which they feared could cause a fire risk to the consumer. This cost them millions to resolve and to this day is still encounter the problem with gaining the trust of consumers again.

Are global companies really pushing technology beyond its limits? Most common cases of the technology being over worked is due to the amount of space which is no longer available, this is because companies always aim to use all the space possible. Like London Underground in rush hour! With no space for hardware to breath will almost certainly cause issues with overheating.

But going back to the Samsung’s image, this will cause consumer to rethink about using their products until Samsung can release any information on what the cause of the phone catching fire. This will give consumers a sense of trust knowing that this issue shouldn’t happen again. It’s nice to see that they openly admitted something was majorly wrong when the first reports came out and recalled all products. But really what consumers want to know is one, why was the phone allowed to be realised without additional stress testing. Two, why has the company kept tight lid on the outcome of the retesting of the phone after finding out about the common fault with the Galaxy Note 7. Finally, did they really need to realise the phone before the Apple announcement? I personally feel that if they waited then the amount of publicity that has come from this has caused more damage.



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