Google make a huge statement with their new Tec!

So, last week major movements started with Samsung recalling all their Galaxy note 7 devices. Today it was released that google have come out with the google Pixel and Pixel xl.

Really, if you look at the phone it looks so close to a Samsung and iPhone you would think it’s a Samsung/iPhone. With Google building their phone of an Android system which is one of the most recognised Operating Systems with the mobile devices.

Android is becoming an ever-growing user friendly OS, but the advantage to Android’s advancements is that its compatible with Google drive and Google Backup. So, what made Google come out with a mobile device.

Well with Chrome being recognised as the best internet browser and most used based on records of users who reinstall their OS of various windows platforms the first thing all end users seem to do is install chrome! That’s right! No one likes IE or Microsoft new version of IE “Microsoft Edge”

Now I personally hate Internet Explore! It’s buggy and overall it’s just a horrible experience for the end user! I remember before Google come out with chrome that I instantly installed Safari even though I had a Windows PC.

Google are making massive strides both in the GUI (Graphic User Interfaces) and now they are supposedly in the process of giving end users stupid amounts of internet bandwidth, nothing has been released of any specifications yet, but I’m sure it will be huge. It’s taken a long time but I think with patience comes great things! Have Google been hiding in the shadows watching and learning from the issues and mistakes the other leading device manufactures (i.e. Apple and Samsung).

With the Galaxy note 7 going up in flames, quite literally. Users are being cautious as to going back to a Samsung where they are looking at other options besides apple they are alternatively looking to buy the new Google Pixel (or Pixel xl). I’m sure as end users we will expect the best from the device but first we must give it a chance.

Also Kodak have released information that they are in the pipeline to release a phone which has the latest high tech cameras. So I don’t think that Samsung and Apple will be the leading phone companies for much longer.



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