The red telephone box in crisis!

I read today that the famous Red telephone boxes spread around London are in due to become obsolete with a new introduction from BT to implement a new phone system which doesn’t cost a penny to make a call, you have Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 1gb/s (gigabyte per second). How this is all so freely and readily available to the consumer is down to links and posters that will oscillate and will cost companies to use the new phones as a way of promoting services and products.


But what does this mean for the Red Telephone boxes? Well the traditional landmark will be left to rot due to no one using them from next year. Wouldn’t it have been better for BT to design the phone with the use of keeping the iconic landmark within London still in tacked. I get that the consumers demand so much from their phones and don’t need a public phone (that’s unless they have run out of battery) but that still doesn’t cause an issue as its said that they could have charging ports? So basically, it’s a landline smart phone.

I’m not saying all of this because I’m from London, but it seems like we are losing all our iconic landmarks due to technology. First we are on the verge of losing our “Black cab” service, yes this is due to them charging ridiculous prices and Uber taking full advantage providing a better service, but now we are in the next year going to lose our Red telephone boxes.

The world is on a major technology hype and it’s not going to be long before a major shift in technology will either be the saviour or the death of the people. It’s just a matter of time before someone see’s that we are getting stuck in a rut and soon won’t be able to get out of.



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