Out with the Old in with the New? Windows users for the Build 15002?

So recently in the news Microsoft have stepped up from the old traditional blue screen of death when the OS malfunctions either hardware or software.

Well now blue isn’t the trending colour in Microsoft eyes. That’s right, they have ditched the Traditional Blue screen in their latest Build 15002 which all computer users associate as a major stuff up with their device. Well 2017 has brought the latest update of Windows 10 devices to a “Green screen of death” now I’m not one to complain too much with change. But I’m sure from a user who has sensitive eyes to anything vastly bright this is going to be a nightmare for myself as green is such a harsh colour especially given the fact that most users would already have their screen brightened by the default setting on my screen.

It seems as if Microsoft are trying to design a OS which is multiplatform. What I mean by this is, they own the Xbox, windows phone (previously Nokia) and now they are making their own device which was the foundations on which Microsoft has become so dominant. So really do they need to change so much or just stick to the normal. I’m sure it’s another moment of Microsoft doing as they wish without again listening to the consumers and hearing their views.

End of the day, with most users using Microsoft products it’s an ever-growing increase but it’s coming to points where basic users can’t operate efferently as they could then the they had the basic GUI (Graphical User Interface). So, are the user interfaces getting too complex or is it past the older generation where the new generation seem to pick up the technology so much quicker?

I’ll leave it up to you with your views on that.



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