Samsung’s image repaired? Only time will tell. Are lessons learnt?

So you may have recalled that I wrote a blog a few months back about the major image scandal that was going on with Samsung, when they released the Galaxy Note 7. It pretty much burnt a hole in your pocket in more than one way. That’s right it was a fireball in your pocket.

Recently you have seen that Samsung have released a new advert which I feel is a very bold statement by Samsung to do there upmost to improve on the image. We can admit it has been dealt with a huge blow, with loss in profits and drop in sales in their devices. I’m sure when this happened Apple were rubbing their hands at the prospect of Samsung making a huge loss, due to the fast track process that they carried out to get the device out before the release of the most recent introduction the iPhone 7 Plus.

I’m not a major Apple lover before you question my judgement; in fact I’m open to all forms of technology enabling every company a chance to impress me.

Still to this day I still can’t seem to make sense on the trend set that Apple did with removing the headphone port to make the phone thinner. Because I’m sure that there is like minimal improvement on the thickness of the phone. In fairness that is one major reason I will not get the new iPhone. All I’m noticing is that sooner or later they are just going to sell themselves out with making trend sets in the hope that the other companies will follow, which to this day have we seen anyone come out and be like “yeah, apple made a great idea, let’s all follow” I don’t see it.

All I hear is people moaning about the additional attachment which has been lost multiple times and costing them £10 for another one. Especially as Apple again restricting the device to not work with 3rd party attachments popping up with the notification “this device isn’t supported with this attachment”.

However back to Samsung, I’m sure that the through testing that has been done by Samsung and their assured advertising will give customers more trust in their devices. But will the consumers give them a chance to provide users with the trusted device they have? Well, they have publically resolved all issues, so I just hope for them that they have learnt from this major issue. Considering they will now look at the bigger picture and hopefully realise that consumers will stay with the device franchise if they like what they are providing.



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