Is vinyl here for the long haul or is it just an instant craze being relieved by the new generation?

So are you someone who has a vinyl player and have vinyl records?

Well I’ll be straight up in saying that I have wanted a Vinyl player for such a long time but due to financial reasons I was unable to buy one. Also to warrant having one was always a worry in the back of my mind. Especially when I thought that it might just be a craze that will end up burning out and everyone would forget about it.

To this day I love vinyl, it makes you appreciate the music more, and the most interesting thing is you can actually hear how much digitalising the music impacts the music. Just hearing a guitar in an acoustic song sounds so much truer, you just don’t hear it digital you. But playing it through a record (LP) just gives it a much greater tone where the acoustics actually give a feel that you may have never experienced.

Ok, people may think “oh look he wants to be a hipster” truth is I’m not following any trend I’m just appreciating the music as the artist wishes it to sound like.

My first vinyl record was “Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis” which I know is going to be said “well that’s not the true vinyl as it’s a remastered version” yes I know it doesn’t hold the authentic crackle sound which is accustom from all older generation vinyl. But be sure if I end up in a record shop I will end up coming across the old stuff.

I’m sure everyone’s fear with vinyl is that they are so easy to damage, the slight dent/scratch incurred on the vinyl and the music will jump and skips certain parts (remember the jumping CD) well that always going to be an issue but I guess it’s simply being cautious with them.

I can’t see these being a short fuse craze as artist now are releasing all albums with a vinyl alternative. Yeah it might be £10 more than an audio CD but just think what you get with it. Just that reaching the end of one side of the record and turning it over rather than just pressing skip on a digital version.

I’m hoping to add to my vinyl collection with plenty more records so if you know of any good bands I should keep a listen out for just let me know.



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