If it’s too good to be true then is it? It’s time to be safe on the Web.

Frequently the public are being spammed with forced advertisement on the web “click here to reset your password”, “your recent purchases have been debited from your account” are the most common ones.

Should websites be doing more in protecting either your information or stopping all these fake emails and spam which seems to be forever cluttering out inboxes? Is it really up to the companies to put greater security or is it really up to the end users and customers to be more tech aware.

Personally I feel yes that it’s important that both the older generation would benefit from this more than the younger generation as this is most likely the type of consumers that the attackers are aiming for. This is because the older generation don’t understand the major implications that are involved. They see that the web is a massive bubble in the sky but that bubble can easily burst if the wrong function happens as simple as clicking what looks like a harmful link on an email which says it’s from a trusted site or a contact (which is someone stealing the ID of your contact).

It’s important to notice key things in emails. Here are some key points which will help you to determine if the email is genuine.

  1. Key spelling mistakes on the email. This could simply be the way that the email reads.
  2. The email is addressed to the email address, not the direct name of the person they are addressing to. (i.e. Dear Joebloggs1)
  3. Hover your mouse over the contact name and see if the address in fact shows the companies name and not a random combination of letters and digits. (i.e. t67y8r4@testmail.com).

These should give you a greater reassurance of emails being sent if you follow those key points.

So it finally goes back to the point, if anything looks too good to be true then it most likely is. The web is only as safe as you make it. It’s all about being aware of what is going on, don’t be deceived.



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