Intel stuck in the ages as AMD Ryzen becomes hot property.

If you haven’t already heard/found out about Ryzen, where have you been? It’s the most in demand Central Processing Unit (CPU) on the market to date. With an impressive 8 Single Core Processor just turns heads before you even read up on it. No more is the Quad core (4x single cores) and 6 Core (6x singles cores) the biggest selling point of technology.

But with all this hitting off with Ryzen, the most hidden technical piece of equipment kept the consumers guessing on this new technology, where there was in fact a secrets act signed before the release of the Ryzen 7th Gen processor was announced. I’m sure I never heard of any leaked information! However it’s important to add that as you would expect with any new piece of hardware that it’s going to be a hefty price, take £500 per a unit (1800X). But this is for the most highly specified processor, but for a slightly cheaper £400 there is the lower grade processor (1700X) which still has 8 single cores, but can still provide you with a sustainable functionality just with a slightly slower process rate. However if your budget doesn’t allow you to spend masses then the 1700 is prefect for you, but still provides you with 8 cores with 16 threads can’t complain at that for £325.

Comparison Specs:

1800X                                       1700X                                                        1700       

8 cores 16 threads,                8 cores, another 16 threads,                 8 cores, 16 threads,

16MB of L3 smart cache,     16MB of L3 featuring a lower core,    16MB of L3 core,

Base clock of 3.7 GHz,         Base clock of 3.4 GHz,                             Base clock of 3.0 GHz,

Boost up to 4.0 GHz.            Boost up to 3.8 GHz.                                 Boosting to 3.7 GHz.

Image result for ryzen 7

However the biggest question is what do Intel have to offer? There hasn’t been any real impact from Intel, with them closing the door on the gaming concept as they primarily look at providing functional computers for the end users. But with the greater importance on gaming industry it’s Intel who are keeping a close mind on what they believe consumers want. Also for what they want for their i7 8-core architecture is quite astounding. At £999.99 it begs you to believe what you are getting for your money. The difference is that it had 8 cores on the i7-6900k but AMD Ryzen 1700 has 8 independent cores which is ¾ the price of the Intel i7-6900k.

What AMD give you is a true comparison on 3 different models which all provide you with 8 cores no matter what prices range you budget yourself to. Only difference is that it will be slightly slower the lower grade you got for. Well you should really expect that if we are honest. But for the top end 8-Core with a base rate of 3.7GHz makes you question your loyalty to intel who provide that on their £999.99 model.

Truth is has Intel’s dominance on the computing field come to an end with the rise of Ryzen? Only time will tell, but from people I have spoken to have all come to the decision that Intel need to pull their butt out and come out with something greater than they have to match Ryzen or they will jump ship. Ill leave you to make your own decision, but I know where I would look to put my money!



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