Those ads are going to cost you, as free Adblocker is nearing extinction by Google.

Google are planning of introducing a law allowing publishers access to charge consumers for the rights to block out adverts. Adblocker, Adblocker Plus, Adblocker Pro to name a few, will be allowed to create ad blocking programs which they can charge up to any figure they deem profitable. With smaller company websites relying heavily on advertisement to keep a float is one of the main reasons that Google are allowing this to be implemented. But where is the money really going to? Is it a move by Google of taking control over what goes on yet again or will this in fact benefit the smaller companies?

I’m going to be totally honest with you that I’m a big fan of Adblocker sites. Them annoying adverts which are played on YouTube prior to your song played and at the end. Especially when you have to turn the song right and then the advert is always 10 times louder than the track played. This first release will happened across the North America, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

But don’t be fooled in thinking that Google are just going to let 3rd party companies have all the success, Google themselves are creating their own version of Adblocker. As of yet there is no official release on exactly how much it’s going to cost. Surely it’s only going to make people avoid using the internet services and look for additional services which they know will not involve any adverts.

You might try to stop the consumers but at the end of the day, if you restrict consumers they will look elsewhere. Which in turn will mean you will still lose out on.

So folks your internet is going to get spammed with loads of advertisement, your internet caps is being reached due to the mass amount of adverts. Is this really what we want?



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