Winter has come but who planned and conquered an attack on the Throne.

If you haven’t already seen/heard, where have you been? The latest episode has been leaked! Fear not I’m not a watcher of Games of Throne’s (GoT) so there is no spoilers within this post.

But should we be more aware of what and how secure the internet is. With frequent TV shows and movies being leaked well before the genuine release should be a cause of concern.

With massive hit shows like Game of Throne’s (GoT) being leaked is just showing how easy it is for information on a system to be compromised. HBO have announced the truth behind the reports the latest episodes. But it’s not the first time that episodes have been leaked before, throughout the whole series all six seasons have been in some way leaked before initial release.

It’s been reported that a text file was used with an annotated version of the script used for the episode in question. It’s also be noted that the script which was in the text file/annotated video was dated “April 2016”. This could be based on a draft of what the writes were planning, which leads to the possibility that the leaked information could in fact be incorrect at the point of filming the soon to be released Monday episode.

The breach which was carried by a currently unnamed group stole an estimated 1.5 Terabytes of data which is around 1500 GB worth of Data from HBO. However it wasn’t just the GoT episode which was compromised they also uploaded 3 episodes of other hit HBO shows (Ballers and Room 104). It hasn’t yet been released exactly how they were able to get into the system and steal all this information without being notified, however it is said that some members of HBO’s staff login details have been taken and leaked, so this might not be the only attack.

Hacking is a massive issue in today’s world, especially with everything being computer based, from general documents to confidential. It’s always looked upon from the consumers that their device is secure just having Antivirus installed on their devices. However there are many tricks which are being used in common practise which are always leading to attacks. The idea isn’t to just attack your computer system and for you to know the attack is happening. With the use of certain decryption techniques and code which are used are to showcase the vulnerabilities within your system are what is being compromised by the hackers.

I would make sure that your computer has the latest Antivirus, Malware, Latest Operating system updates, and most importantly avoid clicking on links from suspicious sources. They may look genuine but there could be some hidden code which installs a program without your knowing.

Use trusted programs and websites!



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