Were Pixar warning us of how lazy the world would become with technology advancements we have?

If you have already brought an Amazon Echo I’m sure you love it for the standard asking random questions just to see the response. Pretty much what happened when Apple came out with Siri. However are Amazon moving the whole voice activation to a whole new level?

Yes it’s brilliant that you can control things from your own voice but surely there is some form of laziness to this? Are we going to become a generation who will grow ever lazier with the technology that we have at our disposal. I think that it’s bad enough that as has been recently advertised by Amazon on the capabilities that you begin to compare what Pixar highlighted in the film “WALL-E”. So let’s now ask if that starts to make you realise how dependant you are on technology.


Could the technology we have be the real reason for the Obesity Crisis we currently have, maybe the increasing in sugar Tax (more money which we be wasted elsewhere) isn’t the way of improving the issue. If Alexa is the beginning of how we run our lives, being so reliant on technolgy to live our normal lives then surely this device Alexa isn’t the way forward.

Let’s name a few things which an ordinary person would do without technology. Drive, Turn lights on, Turn the heating on, and find information from a book. That’s just to name a few things which we are grown to live accustom to with using technology.

There are more things to worry about with the use of all our technology, essentially with Alexa, yes we are talking to a computer system, but do you really know how it works? Truth is that in a weird way it’s recording how you pronounce certain words, which is being sent back to a server domain which is then analysed and then converted back and sent to your device which produces the response. But for every time that is happening, how do you know that nothing is being used outside of your knowledge from a 3rd party.

With companies being hacked frequently it does leave you to wonder how safe is your home and your personal property. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a computer engineer that I can forever see vulnerabilities in certain devices which come out, where general public everyone goes crazy about. I always analyse what it is and how it can be an issue at a later date. I never update straight away to the latest software straight away until I know the bugs have been patched (fixed).

I would be very wary of using Alexa, yes it a great idea but there is always the potential for the information to be held against you in one way or another, and I‘m fully aware that Alexa won’t work unless you called out “Alexa”.



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